5 Skin Care Habits You Need To Quit!

November is National Healthy Skin Month! So I’m sharing some skin care tips from my favorite skin care line, Andrelle’s Natural Skin Care! Below, Founder + Crafter Krystal B. Armstrong shares 5 habits you may be doing that are hurting your skin health.

“We are always so busy talking about what to do to your skin – that we fail to discuss what NOT to do to your skin.  There are so many habits that are bad for your skin but here are just a few that I feel are most important.” - Krystal B. Armstrong

  1. Don’t dehydrate your skin.

Hydrating the skin means so much more than just applying a moisturizer.  Keep in mind that prevention is always better, and easier, than correcting.  To be certain you do not dehydrate the skin: stay away from alcohol-based products, become friends with facial oils, and most importantly, drink enough water. How much is enough? About half your weight in ounces should suffice.  


  1. Refrain from holding your phone near your face.

Your phone carries germs and is full of bacteria – especially if you keep it in your hands all day like most people.  Want to avoid unnecessary breakouts? Keep your phone out of your face! Clean your phone regularly by wiping it down with some rubbing alcohol (70%).  Get some wireless headphones or utilize your bluetooth and speakerphone feature so that you can enjoy clear skin.  


  1. Avoid long, hot showers.

Hot showers can be so relaxing, we know, but they can also be SO drying.  Spending too much time in a hot shower will cause the outer layer of your skin to be stripped – which leads to extreme dryness. A nice warm shower for just a few minutes is more ideal for the health of your skin.  


  1. Don’t skip nap time.

The reason you want to make certain you get enough sleep is because your skin does all it’s best work while you’re sleeping.  This is the best time to use all your treatment products because during sleep, your skin cells renew, and your pores are cleared which allows for deeper penetration of products.  


  1. Don’t over-exfoliate.

Just like long, hot showers, over-exfoliation can strip the skin of its natural oils which will lead to dehydration.  Try to limit your exfoliation to about once a week for more abrasive exfoliants and scrubs. Liquid exfoliants are okay for daily use.