The 6 Pillars Of Self-Care with Dixie Lincoln- Nichols

What are the 6 pillars of self-care? In this episode of the podcast we are going to find out from Dixie Lincoln- Nichols (a wife, mother, biological science educator, certified health coach, self-care & wellness connoisseur, and entrepreneur) who coined the term and she will explain and list them for you as well as how she helps women rediscover or discover their passion and purpose through the practice of self-care. 

Dixie is also the founder of the I. O. Beauty Market an inclusive and diverse e-commerce and brick & mortar retailer that curates toxicant-free products to support women’s wellness inside and out and we will also discuss how what we put on our bodies is also a form of self-care and what ingredients to avoid when we see them!


The 6 Pillars of Self-Care: 






Restorative Practice

 Connect with Dixie at
@dixielincolnnichols @iobeautymarket 

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