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I Am Not My Hair

So many women have believed what men have told, taught and impressed upon us about societal standards of beauty and in this episode I'm talking about some of those things and how they made me question my decision to cute my own hair, how that cut took a toll on my self-confidence and how I restored it! 

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Understanding Attachment Theory With Jenny D. Brice

Deepening our connections can result in more joy, satisfaction and fulfillment in our relationships. Jenny D. Brice is sharing some tips and tools to help us do just that and explaining why they actually work.

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Maggie Frank of CV Sciences Helps Us To Understand CBD Oil

As a member of the cannabis family, there are many myths, rumors and misconceptions about what CBD oil actually is, what it does, and if it’s legal. Maggie Frank, National Plus CBDoil Educator, is clearing up the confusion and giving us the facts.

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