Maggie Frank of CV Sciences Helps Us To Understand CBD Oil

I was fortunate enough to meet Kelsey and the amazing Plus CBDoil staff when I attended the Well Summit in Brooklyn, back in October of this year. Plus CBDoil is a wholesale hemp CBD oil manufacturing and distributing company, and the #1 choice for consumers in North America. In this episode of the podcast, I am joined by Maggie Frank, CV Sciences Expert and National Educator for Plus CBDoil.

Unless you’ve been under a rock, you have probably heard or seen something about CBD oil. Especially in the wellness world, hemp oil and cbd oil have been majorly trending. In this conversation and throughout the next year - you will be hearing more about the major bodily system that these oils interact with and why they are so beneficial. As a member of the cannabis family, CBD oil sometimes gets a bad reputation and there are so many myths, rumors and misconceptions about what CBD oil actually is, what it does and if it should be used. Maggie is clearing up the confusion and giving us the facts.

With over 10 years in the Natural Products Industry, Maggie Frank has cultivated her passion for education through her extensive experienceas an educator and health and wellness advocate. Ms. Frank first foundher passion for nutrition while living on a sailboat in Mexico. Having tocatch fish and trade for fresh fruits and vegetables, Ms. Frank came to the realization that whole, fresh foods make for a healthy, happy and and more balanced lifestyle. Inspired and determined, she then set off toshare this experience with others and educate the public about nutrition.

Ms. Frank started in the industry with a part-time job at Henry’sMarketplace (now known as Sprouts) in Carlsbad,CA and worked her way up to Natural Living Manager. She then graduated to National Educatorfor the esteemed greens company, Vibrant Health. She currently serves as the National Educator for CV Sciences, and believes hemp and phytocannabinoids hold tremendous promise for human health.

To learn more about Plus CBDoil, visit their website and to learn more about how you can support hemp visit the hemp supporter website as referenced in the podcast.

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