I Am Not My Hair

The emotional attachment women have to their hair, especially women of color, dates back as far as biblical times and the Civil War. History has taught us over and over again that hair is not only a huge part of a woman's identity, but also a representation of her femininity - of course thats if you believe that men can dictate and define femininity. Well, so many of us women have believed what men have told, taught and impressed upon us and in this episode I'm talking about some of those things and how they made me question my decision to cute my own hair, how that cut took a toll on my self-confidence and how I restored it! 

Here’s the pics of my cut evolution starting from the one I did myself, to the one I had a barber do, to the one I recently had done (that I love) by a stylist!

Take a listen, cue up the India Arie and chime in on the conversation.

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