Self-Care Sunday: Saying NO As A Form Of Self-Care

There once was a time when I was afraid to say NO. Afraid that it would make me less likable or even a bad person. Writing that now seems ridiculous, and maybe reading it does too. If so, I’m happy to hear that! But for some, it may resonate with you. Have you been spreading yourself thin, overcommitting and overcompensating for fear of being rejected for setting boundaries? Thats basically what fear of saying NO equates to. Its about being a people pleaser who fears that if you do what pleases you - or don’t do what doesn’t please you, you may - God forbid - upset someone else! insert shocked face emoji Imagine that? You doing what’s best for you, may upset someone else?!?! You NOT doing what someone else wants you to do may upset them? Can you dare to have someone else be displeased with you? I’m here to tell you, YES! You absolutely can!

You can and will survive. But the better news is that if that “someone” actually respects and cares abut YOU, they won’t even be mad. They will be supportive and encourage you to do more of what works for you and less of what doesn’t. Now, saying NO is my favorite pastime and greatest act of self-care. Its actually a great way to help you recognize the healthy and unhealthy relationships in your life. The people who always get mad when you tell them NO, they are more than likely the people you should consider spending far less time with. The people who support and encourage you to do whats best for you and are understanding when sometimes you can’t accommodate their wants or preferences, keep them a little closer. YOU are your only advocate for you. People can’t do to you what YOU don’t allow. If you are constantly saying yes to things you hate, how would anyone ever know that you hate it? You have to get serious about the job of maintaining and protecting your peace. Our time, energy and freedom are valuable and limited. Say NO to what doesn’t give you more of that or restore you. Protect them at all costs so that you can be the best you for yourself and those you love.

This week, I challenge you to say NO more. Say NO to anything that is optional that you genuinely do not want to do. That something that would actually take away time or freedom to do something that you DO want to do. That thing, say NO to it. That person who is always dominating your time with THEIR priorities and agenda, say NO. (unless maybe its your kids LOL) but you get the idea. Start being more discriminating with your YES. Make sure they honor you, your time and your intentions.



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