Well Summit | Brooklyn

I attended my very first Well Summit last weekend! The WELL Summit is two days of empowering women to live our healthiest and most fulfilling life, both personally and professionally. It was held at Brooklyn Expo Center and the focus is on 360° Wellness, which means looking at wellness from a holistic standpoint. It's not only about nutrition and fitness, but also your relationships, your mental health and being mindful. It's about taking care of the environment as a whole and your personal environment. It's even about taking into consideration your personal care products and what you clean your home with. 360° of Wellness is everything that helps you to live a healthier and more fulfilling life.

The Well Summit was attended by wellness enthusiasts, wellness entrepreneurs, wellness bloggers and wellness professionals from around the world. I didn’t know it at the time, but this was the first year that they introduced Wellness Tracks. Depending on your goals, they offered three tracks to help tailor your WELL Summit experience: Wellness Foundations, Living WELL and Business of Wellness.

This summit was truly everything I needed and everything I didn't know I needed! I met so many amazing women who are on a similar journey of seeking personal growth and wellness, as well as a deep desire to connect and share their growth and discoveries with others.

Well Summit Brooklyn 2018 Mala Making With Satya

Making malas with Satya was so inspiring and she is so much fun! I loved her stories of transition and how she found her purpose. In this manifestation and meditation workshop, Satya Scainetti of Satya Jewelry lead us through the sacred art of mala making—and then demonstrated how to use our malas in a daily practice to help manifest real miracles. We were also challenged to a 40-day meditation commitment! I’m loving deepening my meditation practice as well as my beautiful mala bracelet!  The crystal that I chose for my bracelet was Carnelian. I didn’t realize it at the time, but this crystal has all of the healing properties that I need in my life right now: boosted confidence and the power of true expression. It also is known to ease tension, root chakra stimulation, fearlessness, boldness and the courage to put plans into action! She also pulled a moon deck oracle card for us, (I love this oracle deck) and the cards are always aligned!

All of the sessions were great but I also really loved the breakout session on Igniting Your Speaking Career with Amber Wright. She gave clear and concise action steps for getting clear about your audience, your platform and your messaging. Amber was informative, funny and engaging.

Well Summit Brooklyn 2018 Plus CBDoil
Well Summit Brooklyn 2018 PlusCBDoil

There were also tons of awesome wellness vendors. I loved learning more about CBD oil from Plus CBD oil in the Well Summit marketplace. Be on the lookout, I plan to share this info in an upcoming podcast episode!

Well Summit Brooklyn 2018 Watermelon Road
Well Summit 2018 Watermelon Road

I loved sampling this tasty fruit jerky from Watermelon Road ! The watermelon lemonade was my favorite! It tasted like a less sweet fruit roll up - YUM!

Well Summit Brooklyn 2018 Kosmatology

I also found an amazing bug repellent alternative from Kosmatology! In Miami, I have been getting bitten by mosquitos, so I was happy to see this natural bug repellent to replace the harsh sprays I had been using that make my skin feel sticky and smelly!

I was excited to try samples from Moon Cycle Bakery. Moon Cycle Bakery is baked goods delivery service with a mission to help individuals redefine their menstrual cycle.

They make treats geared to replenishing nutrients, relieving common discomfort, all while being delicious and satisfying. They were tasty!

Overall it was a great experience that I am so grateful to have been a part of. There were quite a few sessions that I wasn’t able to attend due to scheduling conflicts, so that just means that I have to plan to go to the next one and you should too! I left filled will motivation, inspiration and a great sense of sisterhood in wellness and personal growth! It was beyond refreshing to see so many women, especially women of color, together with a shared interest in self-care and 360 wellness. Depending on where you are in the world geographically, and whether or not you have found your tribe - it can seem like you are on this path alone and that your interests and lifestyle choices are abnormal or unsupported by the majority. In this space, the theme of the summit, Your Vibe Attracts Your Tribe, was personified.

P.S. I am also planning to have several of the summit speakers as guests on my podcast!