What You Need To Know About Your Mental Health with Rakima Dolliole Parson

Rakima Dolliole Parson is a Licensed Professional Counselor, Play Therapist, and Louisiana Native, whose own experience overcoming childhood traumatic stress, led her to pursue a career as a therapist. Rakima not only believes that there is valuable work to be done through providing individual therapy services, but she also embraces the responsibility of advocating and providing outreach. She has presented at both national and regional conferences and is active in working to help enhance the policies related to mental health. Rakima has also volunteered as a mentor, through an organization that supports children of incarcerated parents. She is driven by her desire to minimize barriers to accessing mental health information and services. Rakima works with individuals of all ages, with the goal of enhancing both mental well-being and interpersonal functioning.

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To connect with Rakima, visit her Instagram Page @centeredTX

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