Self-Care Sunday: Go Where You Are Celebrated

I've signed off all of my radio shows, podcasts and newsletter with " Go where you are celebrated and appreciated, not just tolerated." for at least 10 yrs now. Why? What do I actually mean by that?

Well- it started when I was in Baltimore at my first full-time radio gig. It seemed like in almost every meeting my boss was giving me pointers on how to be someone that I wasn't. Smack your lips more. Be more combative. Ultimately, he told my future employer that the reason they didn't renew my contract was because I "wasn't hip-hop enough." All of the time, I was made to feel that who I was wasn't enough or valued there. And shortly after I started ending my show with "go where you are celebrated..." my time there came to an end.

I recently heard the phrase "go where you are loved, not where you want to be loved." I like this a lot too. It speaks to our desire or innate need to convince people to like, love, appreciate or celebrate us. Just be cause we want to be somewhere or with someone, doesn't mean its the best place for us. I think we have a hard enough time loving ourselves as is, we dare not take on the task of convincing others as well. If we could all focus on showing up fully as ourselves, the rest be quickly revealed - who and what is meant to be with us. All that isn't falls away when we are authentically and unapologetically us. 

My word that I chose for 2018 back in January was alignment. My goal was to become so aligned (mentally, physically, and spiritually) with MY truth that I would be repelled by anything or anyone that didn't serve my good. It has been amazing to become so much clearer about what and who I want to become and the types of experiences that I would like to have. 
For my 35th birthday, I took some time to reflect on what I know for sure at 35: my personal truths, that have proven to be self-evident. It is also at this time that I was able to accept that being in New Orleans was not serving my good. As much as I had hoped and romanticized that my hometown could once again be home for me, New Orleans does not feel like my truth. We just aren't aligned.

 New Orleans is all about meat & seafood, and here I am a vegetarian. New Orleans is all about drinking and letting the good times roll, while I rarely drink and prefer to be in my onesie at home. New Orleans is about the Saints, The Pelicans and LSU football, and I hate sports. Not to mention, I was offered two jobs here with a pay rate of $10/hr. (That barely covers my gas to get to and from work) - Since I've been back, I never truly felt that I fit in here or that what I had to offer was appreciated. But New Orleans has that charm that makes you want to like her despite all of her shortcomings and incompatibilities. So I tried. For a year. The truth is, we aren't aligned despite my best efforts to be. So it is bittersweet that I say goodbye to my time as a NOLA resident. This experience was necessary for me to realize some harsh truths about myself and exactly what I want, need and be reminded of the importance of going where you and all you have to offer is celebrated and appreciated.

I'm excited to announce that I am taking my talents to South Beach . Season 2 of the podcast will be coming to you from Miami, Florida! I'm looking forward to this new beachside chapter and I'm excited to share this adventure with you.

I share this as a reminder that you are the author of your story and your life. If you aren't happy or feeling appreciated or celebrated - you can rewrite your story at any moment. Where and with whom do you feel celebrated and appreciated? Go there! ASAP. Life is too long or short not to.

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