Creating The Life You Love Starts With YOU

My word for 2018 is: alignment. I realized that my thoughts, words and actions hadn’t been lining up. This resulted in a lot of discontent and frustration - not to mention, confusion. Often times I found that I would say I wanted and prioritized something like self-care, but my actions did not reflect that statement. I wanted certain things, yet my words didn’t communicate that want. Basically, I wasn’t being honest with myself in a lot of cases and therefore I wasn’t setting genuine intentions, and therefore couldn’t manifest them either.

With me seeking alignment, self-care had to become a significant theme for me this year as well. It is through self-care that we can connect with ourselves and our deepest desires. Self-care looks different for everyone. In my blog post My Five Favorite Acts of Self-Care, I share five self-care acts that have nothing to do with a spa day, but more so involve serious boundary setting. Self-care is doing anything that honors your mental, physical and/or spiritual well being. For women, most of us get so enthralled in taking care of everyone else, that we neglect ourselves and our needs. We even go so far as feeling guilty and sometimes others have made us feel selfish for wanting “me-time” to care for ourselves and recharge. Let’s make it a priority to stop allowing that or participating in it! Self-care is the farthest thing from selfish, it is a form of self-respect. You are so much better to and with your loved ones when you are replenished and restored. This goes for anyone at any age! And if you don’t currently have a self-care practice, its never too late to create one! In the name of self-care, I started a segment on my podcast called Self-Care Sundays to set aside a day that is all about dedicating some time to ourselves and our needs, as well as validating our feelings. I also started seeking out opportunities to connect with other self-care committed communities.

This is why I am so excited to be attending and participating in the Well Summit in Brooklyn, NYC as a #WELLInsider   The summit will take place October 5-6 and is all about Wellness - Empowerment - Learning - Luxury. They have a full schedule of informative panels and break-out sessions with nationally recognized wellness experts, tons of wellness brands, and wellness enthusiasts from all over the world coming together to connect over a shared passion for living well. Some of the break out sessions that i’m really excited about are “Getting Out of Your Head: How Better Communication Can Deepen Your Relationships”, “How to Clear Your Chakras and Manifest What You Want In Life” and “Shine Bright Without Burning Out: Mental Health for Entrepreneurs”!

If you can, I would love for YOU to be there with me. I’ve teamed up with Well Summit to give my tribe $75 OFF your General Admission ticket to the WELL Summit.  Use promo code: WSLoni

Hope to see you there! If you can’t make it, don’t worry - I will be sharing the behind the scenes on my Instagram page and I will be posting a recap on my blog.