Self-Care Sunday: Self-Talk

I'm starting a new tradition ya'll! Self-care Sundays! In case you don't know, Self-care is any activity that we do deliberately in order to take care of our mental, emotional, and physical health. 

Today's focus is getting our self-talk in check! We are constantly talking to ourselves. That inner monologue is called self-talk. That self-talk has the power to not only affect our mood, but also our confidence and our self-esteem. Its so very important that we focus on creating POSITIVE self-talk that will uplift and encourage us. For me, that has been a challenge. I'm a Virgo and I'm over-analytical and always focusing on what can be better or improved. My default is to find fault, especially in myself. Its tiring, draining, and counter-productive. So it was so refreshing when I attended the Mayvenn Hair Beauty Talks thanks to The B Firm PR over Essence Festival Weekend! As a part of the Beauty Talks, attendees shared the words they live by. One woman shared hers "What's The Best That Could Happen?" Boom. I am usually [ALWAYS] thinking 100 of the absolute worst possible outcomes and scenarios, but why not focus my energy on thinking of the best possible scenarios instead. It takes the same amount of effort and energy! So I'm challenging myself, and YOU, to employ this mantra this week. It certainly can't hurt anything! It may actually change your life. The young lady who shared it said she found it did for her!

self talk
self talk 2

Another share is my daily devotional that I start each morning with, A Daily Dose of Sanity. Its 365 stories of inspiration and a daily affirmation mantra that you can carry with you throughout the day to focus on! I LOVE it and each year, the messages mean something different to me. The other book that I referenced in this podcast was The Four Agreements.

I'm also going to start recording voice notes of my daily affirmations and mantras so that I hear them in my own voice and listen to them as reminders throughout the day. I'm committing to this for this week. What are you committing to this week that will help you thrive?

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Preview: On Wednesday's podcast I will be talking with Kenyon & Taccara Martin about Marriage 101: the keys to lasting love and surviving the first year of marriage and beyond!