Letting Go Of The Idea Of What Or Who You Should Be

Most of us were taught that we had to go to school, attend college and immediately get a well-paying job in a stable field. In some households, there was even an emphasis on starting a family soon after, which included marriage and kids. Imagine that somewhere along the process of checking off all these boxes, you realize that you are unhappy. Even worse, you ma realize that midway through medical school or your marriage, you never even truly wanted any of these things. Societal and parental pressures are real. As children, our parents imprint upon us their views of what is and is not important in life. Its usually not until we are independent adults that we can even have the space to reflect on our choices and what matters most to us. Then the real work begins of unpacking what isn't ours to get down to who we are and who we truly want to become. This process can be not only really scary, but also really painful. There is a lot of guilt that can come with the fear of disappointing those that we love and love us in return, as well as the fear of straying off the beaten path and making our own way through the unknown. 

Kimberly Doley knows this transition very well. After working as a New York trader, she followed in her father's footsteps by entering law school at NYU and found a job at a firm soon after graduation only to discover that she hated everything about the lifestyle that the career demanded of her. After years of burning the candle at both ends and spreading herself thin, she began having medical issues that made he no longer able to ignore the messages that her body was trying to tell her. Learn more about her journey and how she uses her life experience to help others let go of the life they "should" have to find one that is more fulfilling and purpose-filled.

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