It Goes Down In The DMs, A Love Story


Every good girl talk eventually gets to love and relationship talk! In this edition of "Girl Talk Tuesday", we find out how two of my besties met their husbands and we get some bride-to-be advice as well as random relationship talk.

 For my birthday last year (Aug 24, 2017), I had some of my favorite gal pals (Adriane, Amanda and Kandice) come over to record a podcast with me. It truly was the best gift I could give myself;  just at the house with food and soul sharing conversation with some of my favorite people is the epitome of a good time for me. We talked about everything under the sun from adulthood, to parenting, our parents, romantic relationships, friendships, growth and more. I am so fortunate to have so many amazing women in my life and I am blessed with their friendship. 

I  will be sharing various snippets of our conversation at different times!

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