Loni's Latest: NOLA Dining Adventures

Keep in mind, I'm a vegetarian and I'm sensitive about my shiitake. *insert giggles*

Just because 'm a vegetarian doesn't mean I can't be a foodie! The true test of any true culinary genius is to be able to make damn near anything taste good! This includes vegetables. So, after much fuss and rave reviews, I decided to put some highly praised New Orleans restaurants to the test to see if they could satisfy this vegetarian foodie's palette!

1.  Restaurant R'evolution

I had so many restaurants on my list that had been highly recommended that I hadn’t made my way to, so I decided to start scratching some off! And @becksboo joined me for this one! Everyone that has ever mentioned @revolutionnola to me has always had nothing but glowing reviews. From the ambiance, to the service, to the food-it delivers! 

Now for the photos. If you know me, you know that I can never pass up a beet salad if it’s on the menu. I’m conducting my own person survey and I am tasked with finding the absolute best beet salad in the world. I take this job very seriously😼  *side note- whenever I’m with someone and I order a beet salad they typically say “I hate beets” to which I reply “you haven’t had beets done right!” 😜 -Try the beet salad on any menu. Especially if it’s accompanied by goat cheese. It’s not the flavorless beets out the can your mom or grandma used to force feed you. They are yummy! And good for ya😋* but i digress...Now in the spirit of trying to convince you to step out of your comfort zone, that’s exactly what I did with this next dish. I try my best to practice what I preach round here. This dish was Artichoke-Miriliton au Gratin. Now I do generally enjoy artichoke, but the miriliton was what I was on the fence about. It’s not that I recall hating it per se, I just didn’t recall loving it. But I tried it, and was pleasantly surprised! I’d even order it again! 

To complete the meal, we enjoyed a jewelry box full of a variety of sweet treats from sugar cookies to salt water taffy’s. All deliciously yummy! 😋I say add them to your list and GEAUX when ya get a chance! 👍🏽👍🏽


2. Tableau

Tableau is classic French-Creole cooking. It is also conveniently attached to @lepetit_nola , making it the perfect pre or post-play dinner destination. I dined pre-play and the staff is mindful to make sure that you are fed and taken care of in time to make the show on time. 👍🏽 Jewel was our waitress and she is the best! Extremely professional, super friendly and sweet.💙 It’s no secret that vegetarians aren’t common in New Orleans, so my options are often limited. I chose a yummy Maison Salad and the Brown Butter Sage Gnoochi. Let me tell you, this Gnoochi was like none you’ve ever had. You can tell that by the presentation. It was tasty and I’m always a fan of the brown butter + sage combo.

My drink was light, refreshing and non-alcoholic. Another less common choice for New Orleanians.🤪 It was a mocktail called the Redhead (and for the folks who thought I had been making up the word “mocktail” all these years, I took a picture of the category on the menu for ya!)

No meal is complete without dessert and since I am a sucker for lemon meringue pie, I went for the Frozen Lemon Meringue Mousse. This was very light and not as heavy or sweet as lemon meringue pie. To my surprise, this delicious dessert is actually sugar-free! Making it a healthier and guilt-free option. 😅🤗

I spotted the amazing work of @smallchalk😍❤️ look for her phenomenal illustrations at some of your favorite New Orleans locales and beyond! And the play I went to see was Crowns…so you can see mine when you swipe left!


3. Saba

Finally made it to @eatwithsaba ! I have long been a fan of @shayarestaurantso I had to check out their new sister! It definitely did NOT disappoint. A+ ambiance and the Brussel sprouts hummus was so amazing that I ate it all before I was able to snap a picture. Naomi was an impeccable waitress who helped us to navigate the menu and make some great decisions. My drink was called 100 Blessings (I'm a sucker for a good name) and it tasted as wonderful as it sounds. Very similar offers as Shaya in my opinion, but slightly different decor. Of the two, I think Shaya is still my favorite, but quite possibly I just need to go to Saba a few more times to be sure. *wink*