My Favorite London Locales

I recently traveled to London and I was really impressed with all of the cute and quaint cafés. I thought those were only found in Paris! I was also pleased with the various themed and "secret" restaurants and speakeasy spots! I didn't make it to all of the places on my London list of "to-do's", but I decided to share my fav spots that I did get to check out if you are ever heading to London! 

Elan Cafe - Park Lane

Super quaint and cute! Tons of sweets, pastries, coffees and teas AND my all-time-favorite.....açaí bowls!! The tea that I chose was called "Heart's Desire" and it was indeed all that my heart desired in a tea! Light, floral and a hint of sweet!

Peggy Porschen's

Vanity Fair said they have the best cupcakes in the world! So I HAD to go to see if they were right! I'm reserving the "best in the world" title, just because I haven't had cupcakes all over the world yet. I WILL say that the red velvet cupcake that I did have is definitely in my top 3 cupcakes that I've ever had! So go, taste and see. And its so stinking adorable!

Sketch London 

If you want high tea in an all pink room with all the fixings, book a reservation in Sketch's Gallery Room! That's what we did, because we wanted the all pink room we had seen on our Instagram timeline, and then we quickly realized we wanted real food, which is NOT offered in this room! So if high tea isn't your thing, book a table in their main dining room where they offer a full menu. You can still see all pink Gallery room, since you have to pass through it to get to the amazingly unique egg bathroom! 

Duck & Waffle 

Make a reservation!!! Thats the main take away. The wait is serious. But seriously worth it! This was my favorite meal of my entire stay in London! I had the caramelized banana waffles with hash browns! So good! Plus the views from this 40th floor restaurant are amazing.  

Coppa Club Tower Bridge 

The views, the ambiance, and the SERVICE! The manager, Shane, is the personification of customer service! He went above and beyond to make sure that our visit was amazing! The igloos are the highlight of this location (as there are other Coppa Club locations throughout London) as well as the views of Tower Bridge. The must-have menu item is the Sticky Toffee Pudding which Shane recommended and I've been dreaming about it ever since! 


Other highly recommended London locales include: Hyde Park (I want to go paddle boating here on my next visit!) , the LDN Hip Hop Brunch (They move around as far as location, but I'd skip the food and just go for the party! Some of the best DJs I've heard in a long time!) and Primark for some serious bargain prices on super trendy stuff!