Missing Mom For Mother's Day

With Mother's Day quickly approaching, (Sunday, May 13) I wanted to dedicate a special podcast to those who may be missing their mother's on this day. I have several close friends who have lost their mother's (recently and not recently) and I was at a loss for how to best support them not only through their grieving process, but also with the upcoming holiday. I'm sure this is a tough time for anyone that's missing Mom at this time, so I enlisted the expertise of licensed psychoanalytic therapist and grief counselor Kristen Machado.

Kristen received her Bachelors of Science in Psychology at Charleston Southern University just outside of Charleston, SC. She then went on she went on to attend graduate school at Wheaton College Graduate School in Wheaton, IL, about 30 miles west of Chicago. In June of 2016, Kristen moved to New Orleans to get a change of scenery and take part in a continuing education program with the New Orleans-Birmingham Psychoanalytic Center. While in New Orleans, she deepened her training of Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy through classes, supervision, and taking part in psychoanalysis as a client herself.

Many of Kristen's clients have tried therapy in the past but had no luck in getting the experience they wanted or making the changes they needed. Her unique approach helps people understand why they feel the way they feel, why they do what they do, and how to make changes that lead to happier, more fulfilling lives. Her speciality is in working with clients feeling sadness and/or worry by using a specialized approach called Psychodynamic or Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy.

In this episode, Kristen and I discuss grief VS depression, ways to identify it, how to manage it, how to prepare for Mother's Day will missing your loved one, and ways that family and friends can best support - including things to avoid saying or doing- as well as the differences between psychoanalytic therapy and  traditional cognitive behavioral therapy.

We hope that this podcast reaches the ears and hearts of those who need it. 

Contact Kristen: http://kristencounsels.com

(843) 242-0608

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