This Chef's Blind Tasting Will Make You See The Light!


Hey ya'll! New feature alert! I'm always trying new places, things and experiences - mostly restaurants - ha! - so I'm going to start sharing those experiences and my thoughts, hopefully more regularly! Now if you aren't familiar with New Orleans speak, GEAUX is our way of spelling GO and I just did a play on that with NEAUX for NO! So the feature is GEAUX (GO) or NEAUX (NO) and I will tell you all you need to KNOW! Ha! I crack myself up. Now that we got all that clear,  after rave reviews from one of my BFFs, I finally decided to give Coquette a try. What had I been waiting for?! 


Thanks to my BFF's recommendation, I had the "Chef's Blind Tasting" which is a five-course meal that you are getting "in the blind" since they do not disclose what any course will consist of until it arrives at your table. You are asked if there are any dietary restrictions, which of course mine is vegetarian diet, and they were happily able and willing to accommodate. I also did the additional wine pairings with the tasting, because why not. Each course was perfectly timed and small enough to not feel stuffed, but substantial enough to feel satiated. 


I enjoyed all of the courses and found them to be tasty, but I think I mostly enjoyed the element of surprise in the experience. In case you didn't know, I'm all about experiences.

Vegetarian isn't Coquette's specialty, so I think I would find it rather difficult to order from their regular menu. Such is life in New Orleans. However, the options for the carnivores and seafood lovers are more plentiful. 

All and all, it was a great dining experience and I say: GEAUX! Especially if you are looking for an experience, try the chef's blind tasting! Don't be skkkkurd. Tell them if you have any dietary restrictions and relax, you are in good hands. Plus it takes away the anxiety and guess work or choosing what to order at a new place- I know I'm not the only one that has anxiety about decision making. 

A little history about Coquette, per their website: Coquette is owned by Chefs Kristen Essig & Michael Stoltzfus. They offer contemporary southern cuisine with an emphasis on locally sourced product and international inspiration. Coquette was opened by Michael in 2008 and Kristen joined him in 2016. Their Garden District building was built in the late 1880’s and has been among other things a residence, a grocery store and auto parts store. With dining rooms on two floors and a 12 seat bar, they pride themselves on being both a neighborhood gathering place as well as the perfect spot for a special occasion. They strive to set the tone with gracious, warm and genuine service to match their celebrated food, wine and cocktail programs.

The ambiance is cozy, inviting, and rustic. The staff was extremely attentive and warm. The food was unique and yummy! I'd say they are certainly meeting their objectives!