Stop Putting Off Til Tomorrow What Can Be Done Today

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If you've ever had an ingrown toenail, you can especially appreciate this post. If you've never had an ingrown toenail, pray to God that you and everyone you love NEVER does. It's one of THEE most uncomfortable things I've experienced to-date and I recently experienced it, for the second time in my life, three months ago.

Since this was my second time at the rodeo, I detected my second ingrown toenail really early. I knew the ropes. I knew the doctor that could fix this and what the procedure would entail. Done. However this procedure didn't go as smoothly. This time there were complications with the procedure and, to make a long story short, I had to have the procedure RE-DONE two months later! 

Coincidentally, the only day that the doctor could see me was the morning that I was leaving to fly to Peru. I knew what to expect from the procedure, however I had forgotten about the aftercare process. When I told my doctor that I was leaving for Peru immediately after my appointment, she reminded me about the aftercare and suggested that I may want to come back after my trip to have the procedure re-done. At this point, I had come back to this doctor's office 4 times in the last two months and my toe was still in pain. I literally felt a tear come to my eye and I wanted to scream and start balling crying in frustration. Literally. I had dealt with this pain and aggravation for long enough, I thought. I know what needs to be done, and the thought of delaying the healing process was most frustrating to me. I told the doctor to do the procedure. I was willing to make the sacrifice to commit to the aftercare. My toe and I have been happily ever after since. 

The inspiration for this blog came right after I replayed that scenario in the previous paragraph. I had a revelation. If I applied that last line of thinking to every area of my life, I would be so much better off! To know what needs to be done and DO IT! Not just do it, but do it as soon as the revelation comes to me about what needs to be done. 

So often, I find that I know what needs to be done but I don't do it. Instead I fight against the inevitable. I resist change. Despite how painful or discontent I am in the current circumstance. Why?!?! Why am I not equally as pressed to "get on with the healing process" when I find myself dating people that I know aren't right for me or leading to my ultimate goal of  a long-term relationship? Why am I not as pressed to stop flat ironing my hair, when I know applying heat has caused my curl pattern to loosen over time?!? (Guys I know I lost y'all there lol) but I really started wondering why I didn't cut the cord on friendships that were no longer healthy- as soon as I realized they weren't? I always know early on what needs to be done. Yet repeatedly, I hem and haw about how to do it? When to do it? Why I need to do it? How the other person would feel about my decision? What type of person I would be perceived as if I made that decision? 
My wise friend Lakelle always references this quote "you have to want it more than you fear it." And I think that, ultimately, that's what it comes down to. If you truly want something or someone, your want has to outweigh anything else! Including your long list of fears and uncertainties about having what you want. We cling to the familiar, that may not be serving us anymore, simply because it's comfortable. We know the pitfalls of our circumstance. I know and expect that every situation will have its faults, so I start to romanticize the faults of my current situation. Justifying that the next situation could end up being worse than our current situation. But what if it ends up so much better? 

You will never know if you don't try. If you don't seek greater, better, or at least do what you know to do to attempt to alleviate the pain (in my case)- you will never know greater or better or the relief. What you do know for sure is that your current situation isn't working. You even know specifically what areas aren't working and most likely you know or have a pretty good idea about why they aren't working. Do something to resolve the issues! Do what you think would help you be in a healthier space. Do something other than what you have been doing! 
With the ingrown toenail, my body was telling me "something isn't right" through the pain. Similarly our gut tells us when something isn't right. LISTEN! You will always get what you settle for and what you allow will continue. If your mind, heart, body is telling you that something does not feel good, you owe it to yourself to be brave and step into the unknown. Step into the possibilities. Say yes to the things and people that intrigue you, yet scare you. Life is for the living and you certainly can't experience anything newer or better by doing what you've always done and being who you always were. Rip the bandid. Remove the toenail. Do what you know needs to be done today.

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