"Soul Sunday" Yoga & Vision Board Party Recap

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What's your word for 2018? That's how we introduced ourselves to one another on Sunday when I teamed up with serial entrepreneur, blogger and fitness trainer Tracey Wiley to create a mind + body wellness and sisterhood experience for our attendees as we usher in the new year with our best intentions. My word for the year is ALIGNMENT. I intend to make sure that my thoughts, my words and my actions are in alignment with my truest desires.


Here's how we invested in ourselves and each other for our Soul Sunday:


The Yoga: Kandice Doley and Kim Doley - yoga instructors

Kandice and Kim Doley are a dynamic New Orleans sister-duo and two of my favorite yoga instructors! Not only were they great in guiding us in our physical yoga practice, but they also had positive affirmations and words of encouragement that were equally valuable in assisting us in showing up for ourselves on our mats. One of my favorite quotes from Kandice that I apply in all of my life now: "The pose doesn't start until you're ready to get out of it." They currently teach at Free To Be Yoga in New Orleans and you can contact her to schedule a private individual or group yoga session.

Terri Greenup

The Vision Boarding: We had motivational speaker and vision specialist Terri Greenup, creator of The Vision Book, to speak to our guests and get them more motivated and clear about what they want to manifest in this year and how to make their vision boards reflect that. Some of my favorite take-aways from Terri's inspiring vision talk were: 

1. Do NOT put anything negative or anything that you don't want on your board. Do not even consider putting something on your board with an X over it or crossed out. Whatever you put on your board you will attract, so this should be a place for only the things you want to invite into your life.

2. Don't spend so much time and energy trying to make an aesthetically pleasing board that looks good but doesn't motivate you. Know what motivates you to get up and take action and include those things or words on your board.

3.Look at your vision board daily and often.

Before you begin your vision board:

1. Release the previous year; write down a list of things you want to leave behind in 2017, then burn or discard that list.

2. Write a list of emotions that you want to feel in the new year; visualize what it looks like to feel that way.

3. Visualize what actions or activities you would be doing that help you feel the ways you would like to feel in the new year. 

Keep all #2 & #3 in mind while you look through magazines for photos and words that represent your visions. Then cut and paste! Those are just a few tips! Attend our next event for more insight into vision board prep!

A huge thank you to Southern Glazers Wine & Spirits for the wine and champagne to help us toast to all of our 2018 accomplishments that we are currently laying the ground work for! It was a perfect complement to the wine and cheese and lite bites!

And to conclude the afternoon, we wrote down all of the things we wanted to invite into 2018 and attached it to a balloon. We released our desires into the universe with a balloon release. 

We are so thankful for all of the ladies who attended and shared their beautiful energy with us! We are looking forward to reconnecting with everyone in six months to do this again and share how all of our visions are coming to life and taking shape! To make sure you don't miss our next event, sign up to be on the mailing list!

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