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Podcast Episode 11


In this episode, I chatted with my friend Lacy Davillier, who is the Owner of Davillier Photography as well as a photographer and designer.

Not only do we talk about her journey with entrepreneurship in a male dominated industry (which i didn't realize photography was) , we discuss how she maintains her motivation, advice to aspiring entrepreneurs, the importance of mentorship and what she has learned from failure that she couldn't have learned from success.

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Podcast Episode 10


I'm wrapping up Breast Cancer Awareness month with my dear friend Chris-Tia Donaldson, who is not only an author, a lawyer, CEO of Thank God Its Natural (TGIN), but she is also a breast cancer survivor.

We talk about her journey with breast cancer, but also how she transitioned from part-time to full-time entrepreneur this year! Chris-Tia is not only an inspiration to me personally, but to women everywhere.

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Podcast Episode 09


Krystal B. Armstrong has it all: the husband, the kids, the pets and two businesses. Find out how she still manages to get sleep at night and daily naps, while enrolled in night school and online classes too! Plus how she found her way into beauty and skincare after originally majoring in civil engineering in college. Funny and informative, get ready to be motivated by the unapologetic truths of this Gemini!

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Podcast Episode 08


Diagnostic Radiologist, Dr. Brooke Morell, schools us on breast cancer awareness, early detection, the misconceptions about breast cancer, and the journey of a young black woman in radiology. She also shares advice for other women interested in following a similar path, her favorite book and a game of either/OR . 


Podcast Episode 07


On this episode of The Loni Swain Show podcast, Loni has a "quickie" chat with actor Jay Ellis of HBO's hit series Insecure.

They chat astrology, relationships, cheaters and play a game of "either or"

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Podcast Episode 06


Do you hold on to things or people for longer than you should? Free yourself and your space so that you can be open to receiving what truly serves you! Loni shares her journey of letting go and some tips.

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