Rosé Mansion | NYC

Have you noticed that a ton of interactive pop-up experiences have been popping up everywhere? After seeing so many awesome pictures popping up on my Instagram timeline, I wanted a part of the action! I made it a personal goal to check all of them out! Or at least as many as possible. Well, if I'm in the city already and there happens to be one. LOL

Well, I was in Manhattan and so is the Rosé Mansion where you can make all of your Rosé dreams come true - according to their website!  While wandering the rooms in the mansion, you sip Rosé from around the world . Each room will transport you to a different place and time. Along the way you will learn about the history, science, and economics of this magical beverage. Travel to Ancient Rome, stop by the Finger Lakes, blend your own wine, swing from a gold chandelier, and more. It actually was reasonably informative, but lets face it- we are here for the wine and the Instagram pics! My favorite wine was the one that they paired with a gummy bear. I believe it was the 2nd or 3rd tasting. By the end, I was definitely tipsy! (Disclaimer: I am NOT a drinker and it doesn't take much for me) The lighting was a bit harsh, actually a lot harsh, and I feel like a lot of the rooms were not very well decorated for photos AND the lighting was bad, so those are my things to add to the suggestion box. You can see on some photos that you can see behind the scenes stuff that you shouldn't be able to see as an attendee, in my opinion. But overall a fun experience.


1. This location is in the heart of the city, so its busy and there are tons of people and traffic to get here. Plan accordingly.

2. Decor is kind of busy, so plan a very neutral outfit so you don't clash. I wanted to wear floral, but I regret it.

3. Eat before you go. I didn't, which is why I was probably tipsy after- but I also got a headache.

4. There is a bar in the mansion where you can buy more Rosé after the pop-up experience, as well as rosé themed paraphernalia and bottles of Rosé for sale.

5. You must be at least 21 years old to enter.