Museum of Ice Cream | Miami

Have you noticed that a ton of interactive pop-up experiences have been popping up everywhere? After seeing so many awesome pictures popping up on my Instagram timeline, I wanted a part of the action! I made it a personal goal to check all of them out! Or at least as many as possible. Well, if I'm in the city already and there happens to be one. LOL

Well, I was in Miami and so was Museum of Ice Cream. Quick back story: I was in Miami for Art Basel in Dec 2017 and MOIC was about to open there, so they were offering these sneak preview tickets during Art Basel, at a ridiculously overpriced rate. Well, I paid that overpriced rate and the day I was supposed to go, it was raining and cold and I decided to sleep in. SMDH

So I went back to Miami and MOIC was still I decided to try to go again. This was actually my very first pop-up experience and it also happens to be my least favorite. Meh. Maybe my expectations were too high, or I was still mad that I had paid triple to go. You definitely didn't learn anything about ice cream and the ice cream wasn't that great to me. It was also rainy and gloomy on the day that I went so the lighting wasn't the best. Overall, this is one I would recommend passing on, especially compared to other pop-ups.