Dream Machine | Brooklyn

Have you noticed that a ton of interactive pop-up experiences have been popping up everywhere? After seeing so many awesome pictures popping up on my Instagram timeline, I wanted a part of the action! I made it a personal goal to check all of them out! Or at least as many as possible. Well, if I'm in the city already and there happens to be one. LOL 

Well I was in Brooklyn, so I went to Dream Machine. Their website says its "designed to be tactile and shareable, while inviting you to let your imagination run wild as you explore the surreal-powered playground." So far, of the three pop-ups that I have visited, this one is by far one of my favs. Why? Mostly because of the lighting I was able to get a bunch of great shots and they had cotton candy! If ever cotton candy is on the menu, count me in! Also, I went on a Friday at noon and it wasn't too crowded, which made for a leisurely and low stress experience. If its too crowded and cramped, I feel anxious and rushed, which usually doesn't result in good pics or a good experience! 

Tips for a great pop-up experience:

1. Go during non-peak hours. (weekday mornings or early afternoons are best) 

2. Check the hashtags and photos on Instagram before going so you have an idea of the color schemes and set-ups. Wear neutral clothing of things that will compliment, not clash, with the decor.

3. Have an idea of what poses you want to do in each room, this way if you are rushed - you can get straight to it and not have to try a bunch of poses that you aren't going to be happy with.

4. Plan to be there for at least 30-45 minutes, maybe longer if its crowded.

Hope those tips are helpful! Do you have any tips on perfecting the pop-up experience? Share in the comments!