Restaurant Review: Pizza Superstar | Brooklyn

Located in Brooklyn, Pizza Superstar's homemade brick oven pizza is finger-licking good. Literally. I can polish off a whole one by myself. NO JOKE. Its also a sister /adjoining restaurant to Broccolino next door. After certain hours they close Pizza Superstar, but they share a kitchen and menu so don’t be alarmed. They also don’t appear to have a website for Pizza Superstar, so I only liked to Broccolino. Same address too.

The atmosphere is laid-back with indoor and outdoor seating options. When I went it was cooler outside than inside, due to the brick oven. You can also carry out to eat at home or have them deliver it straight to you.

Pizza Superstar is surrounded by endless parking options, bike racks and nearby to the Barclays Center and other attractions. I originally came here for the first time before attending a concert at the Barlays Center. Best of all - deep pockets not required! Pizza Superstar takes pride in its over-the-top flavor and just-right prices.

Pizza Superstar Brooklyn Ndjua Pizza - WITH meat. The dark (burnt look spots) are the spreadable salami aka “Ndjua”

Pizza Superstar Brooklyn Ndjua Pizza - WITH meat. The dark (burnt look spots) are the spreadable salami aka “Ndjua”

Pizza Superstar Brooklyn Ndjua Pizza

Now for my go-to pizza here, its the Nduja. It is a spicy spreadable pork salami from Italy. Thats right, spreadable. Its a paste. Therefore, it doesn’t have the texture of meat. So much so, I accidentally ate it. Me. A vegetarian. Ate meat and didn’t even know it. This is because I asked for no salami and they put it any way. Not sure if there was a language barrier or what, but I clearly said NO salami…and then I didn’t realize it was on there because what I usually don’t like about meat is the texture, so since I didn’t feel or see meat, I trusted it wasn’t there. It was yummy! But I was traumatized when I realized there was meat on it. How did I realize you ask? Well we went back the next day to get another one-specified NO MEAT- and when we got it, the one was lighter in color and tasted slightly different. When I showed the server a picture of the pizza we had the day before, he said - “That one has the meat on it, you asked for no meat today” WHAAAT? Imagine my shock and horror! Nonetheless. With or without the meat, it was delicious and I highly recommend. Also, if you are going for the meatless option, make sure to take a good look at my photos to know what it should look like. I also enjoyed the brussel sprout salad and the caprese salad! You can’t go wrong here. They also have a great wine selection. Enjoy!

Pizza Superstar Brooklyn - Brussel Sprout Salad
Pizza Superstar Brooklyn - Caprese