Restaurant Review: Mandolin Aegean Bistro | Miami

As you enter the blue gates, you're instantly transported to the Greek islands. The ambiance is reason enough to go here at least once! They have fans and mist-ers so don’t let the heat keep you away. Even if just to enjoy a glass of water, the vibe and ambiance is worth a visit.

My birthday!

My birthday!

Per the website, Mandolin was inspired by the tavernas of Aegean coastal towns. Mandolin Aegean Bistro was opened by husband and wife team Ahmet Erkaya and Anastasia Koutsioukis in Miami in 2009 serving homespun recipes from Greece and Turkey. After a trip to Miami they stumbled upon an old 1940s bungalow and decided to move from New York and open their dream restaurant serving simple, unpretentious, healthy food using the freshest ingredients in a welcoming atmosphere being surrounded by a happy team and amazing people. 

Now do you like good news or bad news first? Well, I’m giving the bad first.

I came here for my birthday lunch this year, so although I don’t drink much, on ya birthday ya gotta do a little something. So I ordered a sangria. Not good. Initially it was too bitter, so our waitress added some Sprite. Now it was too bland. My boo ordered the Watermelon and something drink and it wasn’t good either and neither had much alcohol in it. After two drink attempts, I gave up. Maybe the bartender was having an off day, but I don’t think I would order drinks on my next visit.

Now the good news - the food is YUM!


Anytime you have watermelon salad or elote like options, sign. me. up! And they had both! After all, it was my birthday!


For my main dish, I had the stuffed zucchini with eggplant. It was tasty, but the watermelon salad and the corn were by far the stars of the meal and the two dishes that I would certainly order again. All in all, the ambiance and the starters were my favs and I would recommend and return. Its also a great place for great instagram-worthy pictures!

Mandolin Miami